Due to the fragility and sensitivity of the eco system of our island and, especially, of the SesIlletes Natural Park and to maintain a balance between the tourist activities and the environment, here we leave you some advices, that will allow us to continue enjoying during more time of these waters and this magical environment, that offers us this wonderful island:

  • When parking, respect the marked areas for each type of vehicle, without obstructingentrances and exits, according to the suggestions of the parkings valet und understanding that the capacity of the parking lots is limited.
  • In order to access the beaches or leave them, the catwalks must be used, destined to this place: respect the dune area fenced.
  • Waste generated during the stay in the Park, must be deposited separately in the wooden trash bins, located in each parking or near the catwalks.
  • We would encourage smokers not to bury cigarettes butts under the sand or in the water; there are recyclable tin-shaped ashtrays, placed on a wooden stand. The cigarettes butts are not biodegradable and can remain for up to ten years before decomposing; not to mention the unpleasant odor they give off.
  • For those who come by sea, remind them of theprohibition of anchoring on posidonia;there are boats that control the anchorage and advise who needs it.
  • Waste generated by boats should not be left on the beach or in the parking lot; must be deposited in the port.
  • Fishing, camping and fire are prohibited throughout the Park.

Thank you for your cooperation andwelcometo the SesIlletesNatural Park

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